International Orders

How Fast Does It Take to Ship Your Order?

We are full service supply chain partner, that offers a wide array of services ranging from product development support to container handling. We will do whatever is within our power to get your order to you as efficient as possible.

All website orders are processed through our distribution centre as well as through our partners stock of merchandise.  If an order you request is well in stock at our distribution centre, it will most likely be consolidated within 15 working days, depending upon the time of your order*.

Once you place an order, we will keep in close contact with you, to assure you that we know what we are doing, and we will do everything possible to make sure you are aware of the status of your order up until it is received by the intended broker or recipient.

*Please note that for any order placed after 5:00p.m. est on Friday or on a local public holiday, then processing will begin the following working day at 8:30am est. All subsequent notifications will begin at that time.

Shipping Orders

We use independent courier services in most cases to ensure order gets to its intended recipient or port in the fastest, and most dependable manner.  In addition, if you do not have a custom broker we can recommend one.

The shipping price you choose when your order is first processed, is considered an estimate.  If any adjustment is needed, we will make contact via email or telephone (based on the information provided).

Thank you in advance for your business.

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